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Beatiful but Fragile: Flores “The Flower” Island

My first impression when our aircraft flew above this island was, “Woow…where is it? Is it real? Are we heading to the filming location of Lord of The Ring or something?” That morning Flores was covered with fog, but it … Continue reading

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Mt. Arjuna, East Java

Arjuna is one famous character in Javanese traditional puppet, Wayang. He’s the third in Pandawa Brothers, and known as the most charming one. He broke many women’s heart but he was also married to lots of women. In Indonesia, Arjuna become the … Continue reading

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Mt. Rinjani, Lombok

Some people climb it because it’s the third highest land in this country… Some may adore it because of its greatness and beauty… I came here because it has always been on my dream…   Mt. Rinjani, Lombok…This mountain could … Continue reading

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Sabu Island, Sabu Raijua

Compare to people who live in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, people who live in the East of Indonesia, such as East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua generally look tougher. They speak fast and loud. Javanese people might feel intimidated with … Continue reading

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Waingapu, East Sumba

Hell yeah! We have a place like this! Yes, it’s still Indonesia and Jokowi still came to this place couple months ago for the presidential campaign.. Although this is not the place where I came from, I would probably recommend … Continue reading

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“It’s Gili Trawangan! Take off your watch! We don’t need to know the time!”

Yeah, that was what Nick said when we were on this island. On this stunning white sandy beach, with crystal clear water, lovely blue sky and refreshing sea breeze, why would we know about the time? Other than sunrise and … Continue reading

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Belajar dari Heraclitus…

Wah lama juga ya sejak terakhir kali menulis di blog ini… Perjalanan ke Bali di Juni tahun lalu memang perjalanan liburan panjang terakhir sebelum akhirnya saya melanjutkan kuliah, dan nyaris tidak melakukan perjalanan yang panjang lagi. Tapi sebetulnya ada banyak … Continue reading

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