Mt. Arjuna, East Java


Arjuna is one famous character in Javanese traditional puppet, Wayang. He’s the third in Pandawa Brothers, and known as the most charming one. He broke many women’s heart but he was also married to lots of women. In Indonesia, Arjuna become the symbol of gallantry and handsomeness.

It’s said that once upon a time, Arjuna had a meditation on a small hill in the forest to improve his power. He sat there day after day, deeply meditated. But since his power had already been very strong, that hill grew taller and taller until all the Gods were worried that it will reach the heaven. When his teacher finally woke Arjuna up from his meditation, that hill had become a mountain. It was then named after his name, Arjuna Mountain.

I know that’s not real, but for me, this mountain deserve to be called Arjuna, not because of this fairy tale, but something beyond that. Something which can’t be described by words. Something which you can only understand it if you do it. Something luxurious which you can only grab it within 2 days long walk and some sleep through freezing nights. Something that my friend has tried to show in this video, but trust me… Those green savannah, those colorful flowers, and those misty hills are far more astonishing in the real world…  I can say, this mountain might be as stunning as one’s ever imagine about how Arjuna could look.

I and 20 of my friends climbed this mountain on 29-31 March 2014, 2 nights and 3 full days of walk, from 9 AM to 7 PM. I’ve got my knee injured on the way down, most of my friends even worse. But it was such an amazing experience for us. And that trip was my first mountain climbing trip since my last trip to Dempo mountain in January 2011.

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