Sabu Island, Sabu Raijua

Compare to people who live in Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan, people who live in the East of Indonesia, such as East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua generally look tougher. They speak fast and loud. Javanese people might feel intimidated with that, but don’t step back! Wait for a while, and see… Behind those tough looks, they have a very kind and tender heart. They like to laugh and like to help. People in Sumba even claim their island as “The Smiling Island”, but I’m sure it applies to other islands in the East Indonesia too.

Sabu (or Sawu) is the third place that I have visited in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), after Waingapu in Sumba and Kupang in Timor. Sabu is one of Indonesia’s outermost islands. Just like in other place in NTT, people in Sabu are very friendly and they will be very happy to see new people come to their island.

Sabu is a part of Sabu Raijua district, a new district since it was separated from Kupang six years ago. It actually consists of Sabu Island and Raijua Island, but this time I can only visit Sabu. Although it is still less developed, there are many things that make me fascinated to this island. The first one is the people, like I’ve already talked about before. Second, still about the people. I really love to see how people teach their children to appreciate every new day, every morning that we have. If you go around in the morning, you can see children in white and red school uniform (elementary school uniform) greet everyone who pass by with “Pagi pak!” (“Morning Sir!”) or “Pagi kak!” (“Morning sis/bro!”) or just “Pagi!” (“Morning!”) with cute voice and big smile on their face! To everyone! Even stranger.

Well, I’ve already known for a long time that I like the kids.. But now I also know that Sabu’s kids are my favorite! 🙂 Two days ago, I had an opportunity to meet some of the kids and to visit their house in Ledekepaka Village in West Sabu… These are some photos that I took there…

The Kids (Andra, Nera, Nadia) and Me

Their house

Nera and Nadia’s House… A traditional house with lontar leaves roof.

PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara/State Electricity Company) has not reached their house yet...

PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara/State Electricity Company) has not reached their house yet…

Nera and His Chick

Nera loves the chicks!

Nera's Puppy

Nera’s Puppy

Nera's Pigs

Nera’s Pigs

Nera’s Lontar Trees. Papa Nera (Nera’s father) takes the nira water from these trees to make Gula Sabu (Sabu’s sugar). They eat gula sabu every morning, and eat rice just for the afternoon meal.

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